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10 New Ben & Jerry's Flavors for All Your Favorite TV Shows

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The Simpsons

If ever there was a show that could inspire hundreds of ice cream flavors, The Simpsons is it. Just think of a Ralph Wiggum, paste-flavored ice cream, or Lisa's "You Don't Make Friends with Salad" vegan "ice cream", or Disco Stu's Disco Stud ice cream, or even just plain Ned Flanders vanilla? But, if there's going to be a quintessential flavor, it would have to be Homer's Delight, which would have Duff-flavored cream and liberal sprinklings of doughnut pieces and bacon and pork chops and ham. Because, yes, Homer, there is a magical animal where all those things come from. You might know that animal by the name Spider Pig. And he died to make this ice cream. RIP Spider Pig, RIP.

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