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Should We All Become Vegetarians?

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Kensington Stables

It all comes back to horses, really. And at Kensington Stables, which is the only place in the Prospect Park area to ride horses, you can have the opportunity to interact with horses in the proper way i.e. they're not baked into your dinner. You can go on a trail ride through the park if you want—hopefully you will get Joel for your trail-leader, he is quite eccentric and usually dressed in head-to-toe black leather. Well, in summer he wears no shirt, so it's just black leather chaps and a leather vest and it's amazing. I believe he's in his mid-60s. Or you can just go hang out with the beautiful horses and the people who work at this century-old stable who all really love these animals. I highly recommend it. And afterward, go eat some hummus or something, you nature-loving freak.

Kensington Stables, 51 Caton Place

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