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Creating the Perfect Cold Brew, In 5 Easy Steps

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3) Steep It

This is the truly easy part, aside from a little bit of pre-planning. Essentially, you just let the coffee sit, at room temperature, for as many hours as you want. Toddy brewing generally requires between 12 and 24 hours of steeping, and for the Counter's blend, Lind leaves it for 18. "Most of this is just a function of personal preference and taste. You can kind of 'set it and forget it,'" Lind says. "If you use a finer grind, you'll want to steep it for less time, and give a courser grind a little more time. You can also use less coffee and steep it a little longer... the process is very forgiving."

Lind did note that if you decide to let it steep in the fridge, you'll need to let it sit for twice as long, because cold air slows down the steeping process. Other than that, there's essentially no way to get this wrong.

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