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5 Tacos You Should Be Eating This Weekend

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As we've already discussed, Cinco de Mayo is this weekend. The greatest of spring holidays! Even if you're just sort of blindly using it as an excuse to booze and snack, like, a little more than you normally would.

We sort of trust, instinctively, that you know where to find tequila if you really want it. What really merits consideration is your choice of celebratory food. Namely, tacos. Now, is this an exhaustive list? Of course not. Almost all of these places are in North Brooklyn, and anyway, there are literally hundreds of on-point places in Brooklyn where tacos can be found, and even eaten. But is this a list of tacos we have known and loved, and that you will, too? Most definitely.

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Taqueria El Paisa

Out of the way unless you happen to live in the neighborhood, yes, but the al pastor tacos (or the tinga tacos, or the mushroom quesadillas, or avocado-and-black-bean egg sandwiches...) are incredibly worth it. No one has ever regretted a trip out to El Paisa.

298 Irving Ave., Bushwick


Tortilleria Mexicano Los Hermanos

Yes, another place in Bushwick. There are a lot of good tacos out there! And Los Hermanos has some of the best. The carnitas are maybe the best of the bunch, but this place also has some of the better vegetarian options out there.

271 Starr St., Bushwick.

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While some L Magazine staffers may view pescetarians as a fucking scourge, others among us seem them as well-intentioned adults capable of intelligent compromise. Meaning, we'd be remiss not to include some fish tacos on this list. It being a little early in the season to make a pilgrimage to Rockaway Taco, Calexico's are some of the very best.

645 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint



Elusive, sure (they close up shop whenever they run out of meat), but doesn't a brisket taco—or for that matter, a pulled pork bacon taco—seem worth a little hassle?

359 Bedford Ave.


Tacos Matamoros

There's a reason this spot in Sunset Park routinely ends up on "best-of" lists. Namely, the al pastor tacos. For the more adventurous (non-pescetarian) eaters, they also have cow head, tongue, and intestine options.

4508 5th Ave.


Bonus: Endless Summer?!?!?!

Remember all our pleas about bringing this truck back? The sad, desperate vehement ones? Well, the Ebay sale has mysteriously ended, meaning that maybe, just maybe someone actually bought this gem, and will bring back those little seitan tacos that were so goddamn good. One can only hope.

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