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Top 10 Food Trends of the Last Decade, and Where You Can Still Go to Eat Them

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Tiny Empire
  • Tiny Empire

Perhaps the strangest trend—although certainly the healthiest, other than kale—is the juicing trend. It's strange only because it is so closely associated with things like office juice cleanses, which are really little more than a week of seeing your co-workers run to the bathroom to shit several times a day. Um, but anyway, juicing has become really popular, and I'm in favor of it for the simple reason that fresh juice is insanely good and does great stuff to my skin and hair. And, I guess, regularity? But, ew. Anyway, I love Tiny Empire in Williamsburg, where the juice is all raw, organic, and unpasteurized. It's also insanely addictive, like all good food trends should be.

Tiny Empire; 142 N 6th Street, Williamsburg

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