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Top 10 Food Trends of the Last Decade, and Where You Can Still Go to Eat Them

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  • Chavela's

New York has never been—and perhaps never will be—known for its Mexican food. In fact, it's one of the few things Californians can lord over us. Which, fine. Do what you gotta do, Californians. Despite that, Mexican food has become incredibly popular here, and with good reason. There actually is a lot of great Mexican food here—especially tacos. In fact, there are so many good options now—from the breakfast tacos at Williamsburg's Briskettown to the carnitas tacos at Sunset Park's Tacos Matamoros—that it was hard to pick just one place. But in the end, I have to recommend Chavela's in Crown Heights. I could eat their avocado tacos all day, every day. So, so good.

Chavela's; 736 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights

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