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The 10 Best Hangover Foods in Brooklyn

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Buttermilk Channels Court Street Bloody Mary, topped with Antipasti
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  • Buttermilk Channel's Court Street Bloody Mary, topped with Antipasti

Bloody Mary
According to "science," the hair-of-the-dog method of getting over a hangover doesn't really work. And while I haven't really found that to be my own experience, I will defer to science in this case. However! It's all about compromise really, and science also says that tomatoes are extremely helpful at curing post-drinking malaise. Part of the reason for this is that tomatoes are very high in lycopene, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. So, in honor of the humble tomato, I'd suggest you get yourself over to Buttermilk Channel and have one of their stellar Bloody Marys. My favorite is the Otis, which subs in Jameson whiskey for vodka and has a beer float situation going on as well. You can't help but feel better after one or two of these.

Buttermilk Channel; 524 Court Street, Carroll Gardens

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