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Bar Crawl: 10 Essential Brooklyn Bars, And Where To Go Nearby

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Jackie's 5th Amendment, Park Slope
To be clear, this isn't the kind of dive where some bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young owner thought it'd be nice and quaint to slap a bunch of car bumpers and suspiciously fresh-looking graffiti on the walls and call it good. Jackie's is the real, no-frills deal. So much so that last winter, they petitioned the United States government to secede from Park Slope, which has changed drastically over the past few decades, while Jackie's hasn't changed at all—it's still home to a dimly lit back room full of rickety card tables, a $10 bucket special of those tiny little Budweiser bottles, and bartenders who aren't putting up with anyone's shit. You haven't really visited a place until you've visited one of its best, oldest dives, and here, that'd be Jackie's.

Also try: Union Hall, Pacific Standard, Fourth Avenue Pub

Jackie's 5th Amendment, 404 5th Ave.
Union Hall, 702 Union St.
Pacific Standard, 82 4th Ave.
Fourth Avenue Pub, 76 4th Ave.

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