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Brooklyn On a Budget: 10 Cheap Eats at Brooklyn's Best Restaurants

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Gwynnett St.
So, this is not an inexpensive restaurant. No, this is, in fact, the kind of restaurant that charges you for bread and butter. But, wow. The bread and butter here? Is AMAZING. It's not just regular bread. It's whiskey bread with cultured butter ($5) and you really, really have to get it. And, really, that's all you need to get here to feel satisfied. Oh, the rest of the food is incredible. So save your money and come back when you can afford the tasting menu. This is definitely a special occasion, treat yourself kind of a place. But until that day comes? Go sit at the bar, order your bread and butter and a drink. Maybe the Second Year ($12), which has rye and honey and an orange twist and would go just perfectly with your bread and butter. You might just be getting the basics, but you'll still leave happy.

Gwynnett St.; 312 Graham Avenue, Williambsburg

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