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Bands With Pans: Small Black

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Ryan would prefer to keep his face.
  • Ryan would prefer to keep his face.

The dudes brush the peppers and other veggies with a little olive oil (Juan: "Olive oil helps kinda get it hot so it’s not boiling or getting real hot."), sprinkle with leftover chicken rub, salt and pepper and set them to sizzle on the grill top. Before long, the entire meal is ready. We set up a slightly soggy dining area, filling our plates and popping open fresh beers.

The chicken is obviously a home run.

Juan: "This chicken is so fucking good! Mmm mmm mmm. I just can’t stop eating it. The chicken is so fucking good."
Jeff: "Just the right amount of saltiness. When you bite the skin, it bites back."

The poblano, squash and mushroom emerge divine. Just enough smokiness from the grill and Juan's rub unfolds and entwines with the overall savoriness of the combined veggies.

Josh's salad also wows. Like he said, it's a refreshing, simple blend. The feta's tart bite helps balance the mild side dish, the cheese itself morphing into almost a creamy blend with the olive oil, lemon and tomato juices.

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