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Gardening Without The Actual Garden: A Guide to Growing Stuff In Your Apartment

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Rose Red & Lavender, 653 Metropolitan Ave
  • Rose Red & Lavender, 653 Metropolitan Ave


So, you've managed to keep some plants alive, right? Cool. Now you can afford to think about how they look. The team at Sprout recommends grouping containers by color, and notes, "All terracotta or all white containers will look like they belong together regardless of the different plants in each pot."

De Give continues, "Pay attention to the growth habit of your plants. If you do not want to obscure your window view, then choose plants that have more of a trailing habit to them or that stay small (examples include haworthia, string of hearts, fittonia, philodendron cordatum). If you do want to block your view, then choose plants that will fill out and become a full, lush window screen (examples include herbs, coleus, philodendron monstera, rubber plants)."

The over-grown shut-in look is also an option if you choose to go that route. In which case, rules no longer apply.

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