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Inside a Beautiful Fort Greene Walk-Up

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Could you tell me a little about some of your favorite pieces of art or design in your apartment?
The dominant artwork in our place is a pastel drawing of glaciers, ocean, and sky that our dear friend Zaria Forman gifted to us for our housewarming. It is an exceptional piece—a photo-realistic drawing that presents new layers, moods, and horizons the longer we live in its presence. It feels like we have a living room window onto an Arctic landscape.

Are there any performances this fall that you're excited about seeing (or being in?)
We wish we were here to see Pina Bauch's final work “… como el musguito en la piedra, ay si, si, si…” presented at BAM, but unfortunately we will be out of the country. Her work has been so consistently inspiring. She really unearthed and honed the potential power of dance-as-theater, mining the depths of human experience, and generating an immediately recognizable and intimately familiar aesthetic.

If you could take one Brooklyn neighborhood, lift it out of New York and plant it in some other city, which hood would you take and where would you put it?
Fort Greene is definitely our great Brooklyn love, but so much of the neighborhood's appeal lies in the interplay between the inherent qualities of this hood and its proximity to both brownstone Brooklyn and the city. It has, for us, the perfect marriage between quality of life and urban convenience. But, if we were to transplant Fort Greene to another city, it would maybe be Hanoi. There is some magic that city holds over both of us, an alluring otherness. Maybe this mythical Fort Greene, Hanoi would be a quiet island of orderly right-angles in a beautifully chaotic sea of urbanity...

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