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Everything Is Williamsburg: A Craigslist Apartment Search

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  • Not a photo of Bushwick.

But, maybe that's an unfair sampling. There are a lot of made up neighborhoods on Craigslist (see above), and anyway, the tide seems to be turning a little in favor of scrapping the Williamsburg thing and just saying everything in Brooklyn that isn't immediately surrounding the Bedford stop is Bushwick. Like this place in a pretty desirable, expensive part of South Williamsburg, which is being shopped around as Bushwick instead:

Bushwick in South Williamsburg

Or in some cases, brutal honesty?

Bright but ugly

I don't know, Craigslist has always been a dark place, and people do what they need to do to make money. It'd just be sort of nice if Bed-Stuy continued to exist as-is. And also, if I never, ever had to go through this process again.

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