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10 Things Every Brooklyn Dad Needs

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No, he didn’t bring you (or your children) into this world, but the dad(s) in your life deserve a special thank you this Sunday. Step away from the Amazon cart and consider these fine Brooklyn-peddled options for every type of father.


Dad type: The Dairy King

What: Cheese of the Month Nine-Month Subscription

Where: The Bedford Cheese Shop

How Much: $450

Why: Because sometimes Cabot cheddar just doesn’t cut it.


Dad type: The Audiophile

What: Grado SR80I Headphones

Where: By Brooklyn

How Much: $99

Why: They’re not Beats by Dr. Dre, but they are still manufactured in the borough. Respect.


Dad type: The aspiring Don Draper

What: Kings County Chocolate Whiskey

Where: The Whiskey Shop

How Much: $24

Why: Whiskey. Chocolate. Duh.


Dad type: The Beach Bum

What: First x Jeffrey Campbell Huarache Shoes

Where: Alter

How Much: $155

Why: He can wear them to work, then cut out early and meet you at Fort Tilden without stopping off at home first.


Dad type: The Preener

What: Hollander & Lexer House Blend Fragrant Oil

Where: Hollander & Lexer

How Much: $22

Why: He’s already mastered his hair. Now help him find his fragrance.


Dad type: The Traveler

What: Steven Alan Santa Fe shirt

Where: Steven Alan

How Much: $188

Why: Remind him of a place he hasn’t visited—yet.


Dad type: The Kid at Heart

What: Magno Small Wooden Radio

Where: The Future Perfect

How much: $225

Why: He’s never going to grow up, but at least he can get grown-up toys.


Dad type: The Clean-Cut Dad

What: Ursa Major Shave Cream

Where: Woodley & Bunny

How Much: $21

Why: Gillette is not necessarily the best a man can get.


Dad type: The 10-to-6er

What: The Hill-Side Ocean Print Tie

Where: Hickoree’s Hard Goods

How Much: $76

Why: Cool store, cool print, cool shape, cooler dad.


Who: The Nerd

What: Man of War by Charlie Shroeder

Where: Greenlight Bookstore

How Much: $25.95

Why: Sometimes dad needs a reminder that there are way worse ways to embarrass—like, say, dressing up as a Confederate soldier in public.

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