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Holler and Squall: Brooklyn Design, Old and New

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Holler & Squall is a Brooklyn design/antiques shop that defies easy characterization: between the vintage furniture and small curiosities, it’s hard to pin down one genre or era. Husband-wife proprietors Gillette and Zak Wing opened the Atlantic Avenue store in July of 2009, naming it after a Jimmy Martin song, adding the descriptor, “Things Unlimited,” in homage to Gillette’s grandparents, who owned a store by the same name in the 1950s. In 2013, they continue the legacy by sourcing their goods from auctions, estate sales and flea markets, gathering a continuously evolving selection of items from across the country, from taxidermy and jewelry to industrial lighting and end tables. Whether you’re in search of storage vessels or club chairs, the catalog celebrates old-fashioned yet edgy thoughtfulness.

What is it about your neighborhood that makes it a good work environment for you?
Our neighbors. We are surrounded by other small business owners who provide support, friendship, and inspiration every day. In just a one-block radius, there’s Seaport Flowers, Henry Public, Goose Barnacle,
Junior Lowe, Montero’s Bar, Jarontiques, and Tazza (to name just a few)... It’s amazing to be in a neighborhood that supports small businesses so well.

What are you most proud of so far, in terms of your work, and why?
When we started, we were only open on weekends, just hoping to pay the rent while we kept our day jobs. Now, less than four years later, Holler & Squall is supporting our family, which now includes our two children.

Inside Holler & Squall
Inside Holler & Squall Inside Holler & Squall Inside Holler & Squall Inside Holler & Squall Inside Holler & Squall Inside Holler & Squall Inside Holler & Squall Inside Holler & Squall

Inside Holler & Squall

By Austin McAllister

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How do you mix business with pleasure when there are so many worthwhile distractions here?
It seems easy for us to avoid distraction because we find pleasure in what we do. We love going to auctions. And “date night” generally means staying in the store late with a six pack to re-merchandise the store.

Who are your style icons?

For men’s style: Jack at J.Crew.
For interiors: Juniper Tedhams.
For art: Courtney Johnson and William Cundiff Logan.
For everything under the sun: Porter and Hollister Hovey.

If you had to choose one quality that unifies all the items you choose for Holler & Squall, what would it be?

What collections or product lines are you most excited about in 2013?
We are scheduled to attend a huge European antique auction coming up in just a couple weeks. The catalogue is FILLED with perfect turn-of-the-century armchairs, some stripped down to the original muslin, others in jewel-one mohair velvets. If we don’t come home with at least two van loads, we will be disappointed.

So many beautiful things are made in Brooklyn every day... But is there any one type of item that's missing, that you'd like to see local artisans tackle?
If we could think of that, it would be our next store!

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