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Gift Guide: Top 10 Brooklyn Mother's Day Presents

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Mother's Day is this Sunday, and while many of us might have complicated relationships with our mothers (and, I guess, many of us might not), it is still a nice thing to, once a year, celebrate your mother. Or your grandmother. Or anyone, really, who raised you. Celebrate your pack of feral dogs, if that was how things were for you. I don't know! But definitely celebrate. And because everyone's mother is a little bit different and, as JD Salinger once said, everyone's mothers are "all slightly insane," I've come up with a comprehensive list of different things that you can get that will delight the mother in your life. Or, as the case may be, the feral dog pack.


You Are My Moon and Stars Stackable Necklace from Catbird

Is your mother the type of mother who loves jewelry? Trick question. Basically every mother is the type of mother who loves jewelry. Especially when the jewelry has a special meaning behind it, like this necklace does. Catbird describes it as a "love letter in a necklace," which sounds about right. Each necklace can be customized with stackable moon and star charms in the metal of your choice, and monogrammed with the appropriate initials. Because if there's one other thing mother's love? It's monogramming everything. So get a moon for your mother, some stars for you and your siblings if you have any, and watch her eyes well up with tears of joy.

Catbird; 219 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg catbirdnyc.com


"Utopia in Our Time" print by Molly Crabapple available at n+1 Foundation

Or perhaps your mother doesn't care about jewelry or monogrammed things? Maybe she cares about things of global significance, the social and political issues that dominate all of our lives? Maybe she cares about the world that her children are struggling to get by in? Maybe she cares about everything. Of course she does. She's a mother. She cares about things that you've never even thought about before. Well, perhaps in an effort to assuage any anxiety she might have over the fate of our society, get her this poster designed by the amazing Molly Crabapple for n+1. It is a signed print that comes with a copy of the book The Trouble is the Banks: Letters to Wall Street and a subscription to n+1. This is a great gift because it combines beauty and social consciousness and intellectual engagement all in one shot. Mothers will appreciate the efficiency of this.

n+1; nplusonemag.com


Green Stone Massage

Mothers are usually pretty tense. Not always, I guess. But a lot of them are. You know why? Because they do so much stuff for everyone else. So what better gift to give than one that will force your mother to relax? There's no better gift. The Green Stone Spa is a relatively new addition to DUMBO, although it has had another location on the Upper East Side for years now. The spa has a minimal menu of available massages, there aren't frivolous add-ons that no one really needs. Instead, you get what I guarantee is one of the best massages of your life. The spa is affiliated with Lenox Hill's Massage & Physical Therapy group (which also means they accept health insurance) and specializes in medical massages, including pre- and post-natal. So, really, this gift is perfect for you own mother or any friends you have who are new or even expectant mothers.

Green Stone Spa; 133 Water Street, Dumbo greenstonespa.com


Flower CSA from Brooklyn Grange

Flowers as a Mother's Day present are almost cliché at this point, aren't they? You don't want to get your mother some dopey old bouquet that will just wither and die a few days after you give it to her, do you? Of course not. Plus, it's really terrible for the environment to get flowers that maybe were shipped to New York from somewhere far away, leaving a carbon foot print the size of Nebraska, all for a few measly stems. That said, flowers are still a gift that mothers always love. And you want to make your mother happy, right? Well, how about making her happy over and over and over again? Get your mother the gift of joining Brooklyn Grange's Flower CSA. Then, every week from June 26-Oct 23, she can pick up a twenty-stem bundle of flowers grown on Brooklyn Grange's rooftop farm. That's really local. And, because of how local the flowers are, they'll last much longer than the kinds that are flown in from California or some other ridiculous place.

Brooklyn Grange; brooklyngrangefarm.com


Classes at The Brooklyn Kitchen

Not all mothers like to cook. But many do! I mean, probably the same percentage of mothers like to cook as the rest of the general population. Mothers are people too. But if your mother does like to cook, or wants to learn how to cook, what better gift to give than a class at the Brooklyn Kitchen? Pick a class based on where your mother's interests lie. Maybe that'll be the sushi making class, or the sourdough bread class, or the butchering demonstration. Who knows? Customize, customize, customize. This is how you let your mom know she's special, which she is.

The Brooklyn Kitchen; thebrooklynkitchen.com


Classes at Sackett Street Writers' Workshop

Speaking of classes, so maybe cooking isn't your mother's thing? Well, classes are still a good idea, because they're an experience gift, and experience gifts are always the best ones. Maybe your mother always wanted to try her hand at writing, but never had the chance because you were always busy taking up all her time and by the end of the day, rather than putting her thoughts into words, she just wanted to collapse with a glass of Sancerre and listen to, like, Lucinda Williams or something. I don't know. I'm not your mother and I'm not you. But now's your chance to let your mom explore her inner memoirist or inner novelist or inner poet or inner anything really. The classes here are exceptional, taught by accomplished writers, teachers, and editors. Your mom will love it.

Sackett Street Writers' Workshop; sackettworkshop.com


Skincare from S.W. Basics

As great as a spa day is, wouldn't it be nice just to give your mother some stuff that she can use in her own home, transforming it right then and there into a spa? Or something? Whatever the rationale behind it, it's a fact that everyone loves fussing around with strange creams and potions. A scientific fact. This Brooklyn-based beauty brand is one of my favorites, everything from the toner to the facial cream manages to be both indulgent and effective. Plus, all the ingredients are natural and perfect for the most-sensitive skin. Your mom will feel amazing, and that's really what Mother's Day is all about.

S.W. Basics; swbasicsofbk.com


Widow Jane Rye by Cacao Prieto

Booze is always appreciated by mothers. Or, I guess, almost always. This is a special occasion though, so treat her with a really special bottle of booze. Brooklyn's Cacao Prieto, known for making both chocolate and liquor, has been producing Widow Jane bourbon for a little while now. Their newest addition to the Widow Jane line is this rye. It's incredible. Perfect neat or on the rocks, it is for the refined mother, the mother that knows what quality really means. Also, it is for the mother who likes to share, because you're definitely going to want to get in on this too.

Cacao Prieto; cacaoprieto.com


"The Proust Questionnaire" at The Future Perfect

There are so many books to recommend getting for your mother on Mother's Day. But this is the kind of book that works both as something amusing to keep on the coffee table, and as a way to maybe get to know your mother better? Or she can get to know you better? Or maybe you both already know each other really, really well? Is that how some mother/child relationships actually work? IS IT? I don't know. I just know that this is a fun book to have around, one that works in different ways and for different reasons. And you can pick it up at The Future Perfect, where you can also pick up a lot of other fun, gift-y things if you want to get more than just a book. Not that a book isn't enough. A book is always enough.

The Future Perfect; 115 N. 6th St, Williamsburg thefutureperfect.com


Brunch at The Pines

Ok, so let's be honest here. Mother's Day is made for brunch. And maybe you have the kind of mother who doesn't even want you to give her a present anyway, because she knows how relatively broke you are. Well, so don't get her a present. Just make her a card. And then take her to brunch. Suffer through the madness of waiting to get a table for brunch on Mother's Day because, you know what? Your mother is worth it. But make sure you choose your brunch spot wisely. You can't get much more wise than choosing brunch at The Pines. This Gowanus restaurant turns out some of the best food in Brooklyn right now, has a stellar cocktail menu, and a backyard to boot. Your mom will love it, you'll love it, and everyone will be happy. Which is all your mother really wants for you, you know?

The Pines; 284 3rd Ave, Gowanus thepinesbrooklyn.com

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