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Now Wear This: 10 Fashion Fixes for Your Holiday Weekend

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Crop Crop Ankle Dress $275
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  • Crop Crop Ankle Dress $275

Morning After
I kind of hate the phrase "walk of shame." I hate it because it implies that there should be shame involved with having sex and then realizing it's too late to take the subway but you don't want to spring for a cab so you spend the night and then go back home the next morning via the subway, as nature intended. Where's the shame in that? That's just being frugal. Anyway, the only shame involved is being seen wearing what are clearly nighttime clothes in the middle of the morning. Avoid that this weekend (and, yes, I'm assuming you'll be having lots of random sex this weekend because it's a holiday) by wearing this gorgeous, midriff-baring dress. It's fancy enough for night, but can easily be dressed down for day, so you'll feel appropriate no matter when it is that you're walking home.

In God We Trust; 129 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

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