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How to Smell Good In the Middle of a Heatwave: Brooklyn Perfume Edition

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CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts
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  • CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts

CB I Hate Perfume; 7 Billion Hearts
This Williamsburg company has been producing some of the most innovative and intoxicating scents to come out of Brooklyn—or anywhere else for that matter—for well over a decade now. This particular scent is inspired by the fact that, "there are now or will shortly be seven billion people on this planet. Seven billion souls hoping and dreaming. Seven billion hearts beating. One of them inevitably beats for you. As Elizabeth Bishop so rightly put it, somebody loves us all. When we feel despondent or lonely and in need of some comfort, we need to keep this in mind." So, basically, it's inspired by the collective stench of the whole world's population. And how does that translate exactly? Well, it translates into vanilla! Yes, vanilla, which is one of the most universally beloved fragrances. This scent contains two kinds of vanilla (from Tahiti and Madagascar) and a "smoky, resinous" base note, so that you'll smell sweet and smoky and sexy all at once. Perfect.

CB I Hate Perfume; 7 Billion Hearts, $30

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