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The Evolution of the New York Times Brooklyn Trend Piece

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September 10, 2006: Call It Booklyn

Summary: Writer, correctly, points out that a lot of famous authors reside in Brooklyn. Incorrectly, she seeks our collective sympathy that the competitive environment stresses her out. But oh, by the way, "I’m selling books, making film deals, moving copies in Germany." Just so you know.

Representative Quote: "Anywhere else in the country, people say, “Gee, you really published a book?” In Brooklyn, they ask when you’re going on Charlie Rose and if you know Jonathan Lethem. If not, end of conversation, time to move on. Getting off the F train right now is a young woman whose first novel was just pre-empted by Vintage for high six figures. The New York Times Magazine is writing her profile, Marion Ettlinger is taking her head shots, and she’s preapproved for a co-op on Prospect Park West."

Takeaway: Writing a trend piece about something you can't detach yourself from is just as dangerous as writing one about something you don't understand at all. Also, puns of the "Booklyn" sort should never be made. Except "Chilliamsburg," of course.

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