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The Evolution of the New York Times Brooklyn Trend Piece

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  • Mark Veltman/The New York Times
January 26, 2012: In Brooklyn, Committing to a Man Bun

Summary: Some men in Brooklyn — possibly elsewhere, too? — have decided to try to make buns happen.

Representative Quote: "Once you’ve committed to a man bun, how do you create one? Alexander Kellum, 31, a fine-arts painter and yoga teacher who lives in Williamsburg, bends forward and pulls his long chestnut hair in front of him; then he performs a twisting and wrapping motion until his hair is firmly tucked into a knot at the back of his head. Sometimes he’ll let a little hair poke out for an “abstract expressionist” flourish, he said. A rubber band, a hair band or even a piece of string holds his bun in place."

Takeaway: All style-related trends originate in Brooklyn, whether we want to be associated with them or not.

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