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10 Other Celebrities Who Secretly Loved Brooklyn and Wanted to Have Its Babies

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So now that I know that Marilyn Monroe loved Brooklyn and wanted to retire here and spend time walking around and admiring the views of Manhattan and whatever else it was that people did in Brooklyn in the 1950s (stickball, I guess) I couldn't help but wonder what other icons wanted to live in Brooklyn.

Who else was just dying to answer the siren call of Brooklyn's streets?

Who else couldn't wait to spend their golden years "walking around"???

If I had to speculate—and I do have to speculate, because none of them ever said anything like this—I'd start with these people.


James Dean

Dean was interviewed by The New York Times in 1955, just weeks before his untimely death in a car crash.

"There's this place I really like, just about more than anywhere else. It's called Brooklyn. Ever heard of it?" Dean drawled.

The Times had not yet heard of Brooklyn.

"You should check it out some time," Dean continued. "I wouldn't even need to drive out there. I could just ride my bicycle."


Elvis Presley

Presley's love for Brooklyn has only been discovered recently with the re-publication of a little-seen interview he did with a now defunct newspaper.

Presley was asked if there was anywhere other than Memphis that he might consider living in.

"Well, it's funny you should ask that," he is reported to have said. "I was just talking to Norman Mailer [NB Presley and Mailer were very tight friends in Presley's later years] and he's been urging me to get a place near him in Brooklyn Heights. On one of the fruit streets."

Unfortunately, Presley died just three days later, on the toilet.


JD Salinger

Salinger, a native New Yorker, spent the last decades of his life in rural New Hampshire and was famously reclusive.

He never gave interviews but Sotheby's has just announced plans to auction his personal date-planner this fall.

One entry, dated June 21, 2007, is of particular interest.

Salinger wrote, in a steady hand, Talk to agent at Corcoran. See if duplex on Prospect Park West is still available. Only requirement that co-op board won't approve phonies. Buy peas.

As we all know, Salinger never made that move. Not so surprising really when you know anything about the Park Slope population of today. Jerry was better off in Cornish, with his peas.

Nice headphones, El!
  • Nice headphones, El!

Eleanor Roosevelt

First off, Eleanor Roosevelt was a hip, hip lady.

As both an advocate for equal rights for women and a civil rights activist, she was way ahead of most people of her time. Also she was probably a bisexual.

She told the Herald-Tribune, "It's so much more open in Brooklyn. I just like everything about it and can see myself living there with my companion for the rest of my days. I just want to live in a neighborhood without too many Catholics."

Fun fact: Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't a big fan of the Catholics.


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is reported to have considered a move to Brooklyn in the mid-90s. Apparently, he wanted to live near the Prospect Park Zoo, so that his companion Bubbles would have friends.

Also, Michael Jackson always had an affinity for rats (see: "Ben") and Brooklyn has a lot of rats.

Jackson was known to have said, "I like rats. Brooklyn is nice too."


John Lennon

Famously a resident of the Upper West Side's iconic Dakota, John Lennon was actively contemplating a move to Brooklyn before his untimely death.

He was remembered to have said, "The Upper West Side is finished. They're talking about opening a Gap on 96th Street. I mean, what the fuck? I want to take Yoko and Sean and head out to where there will never be any big chain stores. We're moving to Brooklyn."

After his death, Yoko decided to stay with Sean in the Dakota because she's no fool. That building is INSANE.


Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Fitzgerald was misunderstood. For sure.

But she was also a trendsetter.

And she begged Scott, to forgo their expensive Manhattan lives for a differently decadent experience in Brooklyn.

Sadly, her husband refused, citing the fact that, "No one from Princeton lives out there."

"But that's the point, darling," Zelda whispered. "People who went to Princeton are terrible."


Leon Trotsky

Oh, Trotsky. If only you HAD come to Brooklyn instead of Mexico, perhaps you wouldn't have ended up with an axe in your head.

Would things have been different, world-history wise?

Who knows?

But this quote makes us feel a bit wistful all the same.

Trotsky said, "Brooklyn. Brooklyn is good. From there you have beautiful views of Manhattan and all the capitalist scum scurrying around like scummy little ants."

Poignant, no?


The Golden Girls

In an exclusive interview with a Miami newspaper, that shall remain nameless because it is fictional, all four Golden Girls agreed that they were ready to leave the Sunshine State and head back North.

When asked why, Blanche giggled flirtatiously and Dorothy gave the reporter a withering look before replying, "For the cheesecake, stupid."


He-Man, Master of the Universe

Although his home is supposed to be his ancestral compound, Castle Grayskull, He-Man is known to be unhappy there because poor cell service means that his access to Grindr is severely limited.

Friends say that He-Man, also known as Prince Adam, has been looking for a place off the Lorimer Street L-stop. He needs a landlord that is cool with pets because of his constant companions Battlecat, who is a cat, and Orko, who is something entirely different.

He-Man has this to say about Brooklyn, "I like it more than just about anyplace else in the world. Of course, I haven't been many places other than Castle Grayskull, but, trust me, Brooklyn has way cuter guys."

We trust you, He-Man!

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