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A History of Brooklyn In 20 Objects ("Objects" Being Very Loosely Defined)

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11) Brooklyn Dodgers

Much like the trolleys from which their name derived, the Brooklyn Dodgers are nothing but a memory anymore. But it's important to preserve their memory, because if ever a team defined its hometown, it was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Originally called the Brooklyn Grays, the team became known as the Trolley Dodgers because of the obstacle course-like feat it took to get through the speeding Brooklyn trolleys and over to Ebbets Field. Soon shortened to the Dodgers, the team was involved in two major inter-city rivalries, against its fellow National Leaguers, the New York Giants, and its hated American League opponents, the Yankees (boooo!!! hissss!!!!) The unofficial Dodger slogan of "Wait till next year!" came about after the Dodgers faced the Yankees FIVE times in the World Series in the 1940s and early 50s, losing every time. Finally, FINALLY, the team won in 1955 and was vindicated at last. Brooklyn was the first team to integrate its roster with the addition of Jackie Robinson in 1947, and while the fact that Robinson was a truly stellar player had a lot to do with that decision, the General Manager of the Dodgers, Branch Rickey, was also a man who was very committed to social justice. Which, how Brooklyn is that? Very!

Unfortunately, the still reviled O'Malley family moved the team to Los Angeles of all places in 1958 and Brooklyn has been without a professional sports team ever since. All of that will be remedied with the coming of the Nets this November though, so, let's go Nets!

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