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A History of Brooklyn In 20 Objects ("Objects" Being Very Loosely Defined)

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Now, this? This is old school Brooklyn
  • Now, this? This is old school Brooklyn

10) Farrell's Bar

Located in the traditionally blue-collar neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, Farrell's tells a very specific kind of Brooklyn history, one that seems to be vanishing quicker and quicker every day. Although it was built in 1933, Farrell's does not choose to cash in on its original speakeasy cred. In fact, it is both a testimony to a certain anti-nostalgia feeling that is very rare in Brooklyn these days, and also a kind of resolute old-fashioned quality that can't be replicated. Farrell's is perhaps best known for not allowing women to come in until only a few years ago (with the possibly lone exception of Shirley Maclaine back in the 70s.) However, it ought to be known for being one of the last true neighborhood bars, one that serves its beers in styrofoam cups, so you can drink them on the street, the way god intended.

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