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Welcome to the Nanny State: A Post-Soda Ban Look At New York City's Biggest Crackdowns

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Four Loko

No substance abuse trend has burned brighter and died faster than Four Loko, which had its brief, eventful zenith in 2010.

Almost immediately after officials caught on to the drink, which held roughly the equivalent of six beers and a cup of coffee in a single $3 can, they made moves to take it off the shelves, and in November 2010 sale of original-formula Loko was banned by the state. Senator Schumer called the new laws "a giant step forward in keeping our kids safe from these toxic and dangerous brews."

This put a sharp end to the days when, say, a penniless young writer could blithely chug an entire can of a weekend night in lieu of slower, more expensive options. A toothless caffeine-free version of the drink is still widely available, but really, what's the point? It's not like anybody was drinking it for the taste.

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