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8 Brooklyn TV Shows: How Real Are They?

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Is that the Rockabus? No.
  • Is that the Rockabus? No.

The Honeymooners

The original show about young couples struggling to get by in Bushwick, The Honeymooners is one of those classic shows that used to be shown twice a day on channel 5 in NYC in the late 80s, but I never watched it back then because I had better things to do, like play with My Little Pony and pretend the pastel horses were a secret, unholy army that would help me take down my brother’s He-Man warriors, led by the evil and smelly Moss Man. Anyway! If I had watched, I think I would have found it boring, because I was very young back then. But now, looking at clips online, I see that The Honeymooners was way ahead of its time, at least aesthetically. The character Norton sports a fedora, pushed back on his head at the angle that is favored by many Bushwick residents of today. And, although both main male characters work for the city as a bus driver and a sewer worker, they make salaries that are in keeping with Bushwick professionals of today—$62/week.

Reality Score: 7/10

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