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8 Brooklyn TV Shows: How Real Are They?

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Thats a pretty Brooklyn scene right there.
  • That's a pretty Brooklyn scene right there.

Sex and the City

No, this show didn’t take place in Brooklyn. I mean, I guess it took place in Manhattan because hey! there’s Magnolia Bakery! But really, this show took place in the same fantasyland where I had an unholy army of pastel ponies ready to attack at my command. A fun sort of place, but not very real. However, toward the end of the shows run, the character of Miranda and her husband and her baby moved out to Brooklyn. Because, of course they would. That’s what you do when you have a baby and are the least popular character on the show. You move to Brooklyn. How real was it? Actually, it was pretty real. A cab refused to take her home from Manhattan, and that totally does happen, and none of her friends wanted to visit. People aren’t like that anymore, but that’s only because almost no one lives in Manhattan these days. But those who do? Still don’t like to come to Brooklyn. Because they’re idiots who still live in Manhattan? Maybe.

Reality Score: 6/10

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