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In Your Face, Williamsburg: Regional Reactions to Forbes' Hipster Neighborhoods List

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H Street Corridor, Washington DC

"And now, we must ponder:

1. Hipsters — the rare ones that still exist — loathe nothing more than being called hipsters. Will this designation make them flee their neighborhood, freeing it up for less hip denizens?

2. Actual hipsters, by definition, should be so ahead of the curve that they’ve already moved beyond H Street, making this entire list outdated and meaningless, right? The number of Capitol Hill intern types in striped shirts at Little Miss Whiskey’s last time I visited, which was well over a year ago, is probably evidence enough of this. (Further evidence from afield: New York Magazine’s cover this week, which declares, “Brooklyn is Finished.”)

3. Is there a less hip sentence about being hip than, 'Politico’ hipsters flock to this D.C. hood?'"
The Washington Post's Style Blog

They even included a cute little poll chart:


To which Gawker responded:

"Hey, Washington Post Hipness Desk staffers and editorial management all the way to The Top: Get your fucking shit together. You people are upholding a grand and proud tradition of writing about Washington DC's hipness. That's not something to be taken lightly. Such an affront as being declared only sixth-most-hip by demands a FULL THROATED EDITORIAL ROAR, not some half-hearted ironic handwaving and a reader poll which includes a fictional DC neighborhood called "NoMa," which clearly is not a neighborhood that exists, in Washington DC."

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