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A Beginner's Guide to the Nets: 50 Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Brooklyn Fan

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19. Choose a player on the opposing team to heckle mercilessly; do not stop until you get a reaction. If you're lucky enough to be courtside, you really need to do your homework on this one; also, say hi to Beyonce for us.

20. If there are kids near you, please refrain from using profanity at a volume louder than what you'd need to talk only to the person sitting next to you. And if you should happen to let one really loud MOTHERFUCKER slip out, tap the kid's guardian on the shoulder and apologize. They'll probably be really grateful and tell you it's no big deal. If they role their eyes or don't seem to appreciate how good a person you're trying to be, feel free to be a bit more liberal with your word choice. But just a bit.

21. If you don't like how the people around you are acting, keep it to yourself unless you're actually willing to come to blows over it. And no, you can't even sigh loudly or roll your eyes in their direction.

22. Always, always participate in the Nets Fan of the Night jumbotron dance freak out, which, so help us god, better be a real thing.

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