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Remember When: The Key Moments in Decision 2012

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Its Mitttttttttttt
  • It's Mitttttttttttt

The Republican National Convention

A lot of this election cycle would be about storms. Not political storms, but, like, ACTUAL storms. The Republicans decided to hold their convention in Tampa, Florida in the middle of hurricane season and an incoming storm almost caused the whole thing to be canceled. In the end, the convention went on, with only one day's worth of events canceled, including what was supposed to be an incredibly important speech by Donald Trump. Well, incredibly important according to Donald Trump. But the storm canceled it. Maybe the Republicans knew that they were doing after all?

Who did speak? Well, Mitt Romney spoke. Ann Romney. Paul Ryan. Chris Christie. And Clint Eastwood. Eastwood spoke to an empty chair. And that was the Republican National Convention. An old man talking to an empty chair. Personally, I would have been far more interested to see Donald Trump reading all of his tweets out loud, but I don't always get what I want.

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