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8 Ways Republicans Can Become a Real Threat in 2016

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Women Make Up More Than Half the Electorate. Show Some Respect.

In theory, Republicans are supposed to represent small government and a respect for the privacy of individuals. However, in practice, the only private rights that modern Republicans really seem to respect are those of gun-owners looking to add to their arsenals. If Republicans actually did respect the privacy of women, their attitude toward a woman's right to choose would be markedly different. After all, the whole premise for Roe v Wade was that not allowing a woman to have an abortion violated her right to privacy. Republicans should support that. Instead, Republicans are in favor of unwanted and invasive ultrasounds for every woman who is looking to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. And Republicans have no problem slut-shaming women like Sandra Fluke who are asking for easy access to birth control.

These kinds of idiotic missteps and miscalculations of what is important to the women of today are some of the main reasons why the Republicans' share of women voters has dropped dramatically in the last 40 years. If Republicans want to win in the future, they won't be able to do it without appealing to women. And, no, Ann Coulter does not appeal to most women.

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