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8 Ways Republicans Can Become a Real Threat in 2016

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Don't Be Scared, Republicans, But Americans Are Not All White

So Fox News's irascible douchebag Bill O'Reilly let loose with this gem on Election Night. He said, "The white establishment is now the minority... The demographics are changing. It’s not a traditional America anymore.” Let's put aside the fact that O'Reilly's "traditional America" always had regions that were populated with people of color, they just happened to be overwhelmingly disenfranchised by O'Reilly's beloved "white establishment." The truth is that O'Reilly is actually right. He wasn't right about the other jerky things he said, like that everyone not in the "white establishment" feels "entitled to things" and that the Hispanic and black voters chose Obama only because they "want stuff." No, those are just racist bullshit-y things. But what O'Reilly is correct about is that Republicans can't count on anyone to vote for them anymore except white males. And that is going to be a huge problem as our demographics keep changing and the percentage of white male voters keeps decreasing.

The fact that Republicans have never pursued African-American voters in a real way is disgraceful and not very intelligent. But even stupider is the fact that Republicans have given up on Latino voters. This move mortally wounded Romney's campaign in battleground states like Nevada, Colorado, and Florida. Now that Latino voters make up 10% of the electorate (a number that is quickly rising) Republicans need to adjust their views on things like immigration reform and health care. Will Republicans do it? They will if they're smart. So. Maybe?

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