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8 Ways Republicans Can Become a Real Threat in 2016

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When this is the face of your party, youve got problems.
  • When this is the face of your party, you've got problems.

Donald Trump Should Not Be the Face of Your Party

And I'm not just saying that because his particular face is orange and bloated. No, I'm saying that because Trump is a fool and a bully. And he always uses the most banal adjectives ever when describing things. Has anyone else noticed that? Things are always "very good" or "very bad" or "very, very bad" with Trump. Not that that's the worst thing about him. It's just something that I find annoying. Trump isn't the only problem. The problem is that all the faces of the Republican Party are total buffoons. Karl Rove? What has he even done? He won a fixed lawsuit to get Bush into office in 2000 and then won an incumbent, wartime, strong economy President a second term. Big deal. He's done almost nothing but lose since. Ann Coulter? Has anyone ever determined if she was anything more than a parody of Eva Braun? Ugh.

What the Republicans need is an elder statesman, like Bill Clinton. But the Republicans don't have that. Because they don't want to remind America who the last Republican president was. So they continue to promote asshats like Trump or Rush Limbaugh as emblematic of who they are. This is a mistake. I'd suggest getting behind Chris Christie, but hopefully, he's being swayed by Bruce Springsteen to join the Democrats. We'll see.

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