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A History of Disputes At The Park Slope Food Co-Op

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The Time They Boycotted The Entire State of Colorado

On the long, long list of products and companies the Co-op has boycotted over the years, perhaps most notable is 1995's embargo on the entire state of Colorado. In response to recently passed anti-gay legislation, the Co-op voted to boycott all products from the state (it's unclear what, exactly, those were, but very likely meat), and one member noted in retrospect that "the affected companies were arguably innocent, and had not advocated nor campaigned for the ordinance."

Given Colorado's recent leaps forward on gay marriage and marijuana (which we also assume the Co-op supports), it's a safe bet the state has long since entered back into the store's good graces. Unless it gets caught bandying about the term "Co-op," which, as you may or may not know, is highly unacceptable. Let's all continue to tread lightly.

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