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Game of Thrones: NYC Mayoral Edition

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Explain something to us, Bill. We love when you explain things to us.
  • Explain something to us, Bill. We love when you explain things to us.

Bill Clinton

This one's obvious. I even wonder if Bloomberg called Bill before Hill. Or if, after she declined to run, Bloomberg was all, "Oh, hey, your husband wouldn't happen to be around to chat for a few minutes would he?" Bill Clinton would be a natural mayor for New York. Would he get 100% of the vote? Maybe. Maybe he would. As was apparent at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Clinton is still the most dynamic and exciting figure in the Democratic Party today. So it makes perfect sense that he should run the most dynamic and exciting city in the world.

Clinton is something of a Robert Baratheon figure—a bon vivant, a lover of busty, beret-clad women. However, now that Clinton is a vegan, there is little chance that he will be impaled by a charging boar's tusk, so at least we don't have to worry about Clinton meeting the same bloody demise as Robert Baratheon.

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