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Game of Thrones: NYC Mayoral Edition

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I dont know. Theyre looking pretty chummy!
  • I don't know. They're looking pretty chummy!

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is probably the second most-beloved figure in the Democratic National Party and, as we saw with Hillary Clinton, just because a First Lady hasn't held any position in politics prior to living in the White House, doesn't mean she can't run for office and kick some ass. Plus, Obama is a noted advocate of healthy eating and exercise—two things that Bloomberg really, really wants New Yorkers to do more of! It's a natural choice. And while I predicted that Bill Clinton might win 100% of the vote if he ran for mayor of NYC, I think Obama would win 105%, because she is just that awesome.

Is Michelle Obama the dragon queen, Daenerys Targaryen? Or is she one of the Sand Snakes from House Martell? Is she devoted wife and protective mother, Catelyn Stark? Or does Obama defy all categorization because she is one of a kind? Actually, I'd go with Daenerys Targaryen, who is also a pretty fierce mother and both Dany and Michelle were clearly born to rule.

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