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Reasons Why Brooklyn Is the Best Place Ever and We Love It

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Its still hard to believe this happened.
  • It's still hard to believe this happened.

Brooklyn Is Big Enough to be the 4th Largest City in America, But It can Feel Like a Small Town

After Hurricane Sandy struck Brooklyn, the destruction in certain neighborhoods seemed staggering and almost insurmountably devastating. But Brooklynites banded together to help clean up areas like Red Hook and Coney Island, working to clear tons of debris and trash. Donations flooded into recovery centers in Sunset Park and Crown Heights and volunteers were turned away because there were already so many people helping. Never has a borough of over 2 million people felt like such a tight-knit community. I don't want to gloss over the fact that the recovery in some areas is still ongoing and that nothing is perfect in the wake of such a natural disaster, but, for the most part, Brooklyn came together and did the best it could to help out its neediest members. All of the elements of a metropolitan area are here, but not at the cost of the ethos of community spirit that existed post-Sandy.

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