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brooklyn-bridge-n-y.jpg is a young website, barely a year old, and, despite some hitches, we like it more now than we thought possible. In looking back at the ten stories of the year with the most page views, we're pretty happy to see the ones we liked best are the ones you liked best. And, yes, the severed human toe cocktail post is on this list...


10. So, What Did Everyone Wear to the Afropunk Festival This Weekend?
This might be the coolest slideshow we ran all year. Which is to say, these people are very attractive and very stylish—it's pretty much impossible to stop clicking through...

9. The 10 Best Date Spots in Brooklyn
Everyone goes on dates. Even married people. Even married dogs. So why wouldn't you want to find out where to go on a date in Brooklyn? Luckily, we had Cathy Erway to show us the way, compiling this list of ten impeccable spots where we'd happily go alone...

8. Atop One of Brooklyn's Most Beautiful (Secret) Rooftop Gardens
It's very difficult—maybe even impossible—to take in a rooftop garden from the street (we've tried). So it was with great delight we found ourselves with a guided tour of one of Brooklyn's nicest rooftop gardens (and we took plenty of pictures).


7. Hurricane Sandy: The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
These images of a devastated (and recovering) Brooklyn remain haunting and beautiful.

6. The In-Crowd: Getting Brooklyn's Tastemakers Together in One Place
It was not easy to get all the coolest kids in Brooklyn together for our Fall Fashion Issue, but we did. And then we took all their photographs to prove it...

5. Inside Writer Emma Straub's Turn-of-the-Century Home
We love writer Emma Straub. And we love that she let us into her home to take photographs. We really hope that she loves us, even just a little bit.


4. The Great Brooklyn Apartment Makeover, with BIG NYC!
This was a particular favorite of ours, in which we enlisted Brooklyn's salvage and reuse wizards, Build It Green!, along with the design team from Hannah Kate Flora, to reward one of our readers with a fully furnished, designed room. And this is what winner Vicki Zubovic had to say about the whole experience: "It was incredible how much they made happen with three days of planning and a few hours on site. Not only did they bring and make incredibly beautiful furniture, lighting and accessories, they used a load of my stuff and integrated it into the room."

3. The Newest Trend in Cocktails? Severed Human Toes!
Credit to writer Kristin Iversen for having faith in the Internet, that it would enjoy a story about a bunch of Canadians sipping booze from a glass containing a pickled human toe. No word on if it was local or organic.

2. Nine Brooklyn Writers and How They Work
This is perhaps my favorite story of the year: some of our favorite local writers opened their office doors and let us nose around their work spaces, taking photographs and asking impertinent questions. And who knew so many people wrote while standing up?


1. Inside Five Archetypal Brooklyn Spaces
It's pretty satisfying when your most trafficked story of the year is precisely the kind of story you envisioned as central to your magazine. So this feature—a photo exploration of a mansion, brownstone, converted loft, microspace and new condo—made us very, very happy.

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