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5 Things To Worry About Before You Die

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its red, like blood.
  • it's red, like blood.

The Doomsday Clock

So, this was actually sent to me by Brooklyn Magazine's brilliant art director, Crystal Gwyn, because she knows how much I talk and think about death and despair. And how I don't believe in love, but that's another post. Probably it will be up near Valentine's Day. Anyway. There is an actual thing called the Doomsday Clock and it is run by scientists and it is set at five minutes to midnight and midnight, as we all know, is DOOMSDAY. According to "The Doomsday Clock came into being in 1947 as a way for atomic scientists to warn the world of the dangers of nuclear weapons." The Doomsday Clock is not as close to midnight as it has been in the past—in 1949 when atomic war between the US and the USSR seemed imminent, it was at three minutes to midnight—but it's still not looking so great. Global warming and increases in nuclear arsenals and things like the Fukushima nuclear meltdown all have scientists very worried. And when scientists start to worry, so do I.

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