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Miss America's Windsor Terrace "Hot Spots" Are Terrible, Make No Sense

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  • Hamilton's

So here is a list of some alternative Windsor Terrace hot spots. Just in case, you know, Miss America ever wants to party somewhere other than the dry cleaners.


Recently reviewed in The L Magazine, Hamilton's (which is not in Kensington, but firmly in the Windy T) is the perfect spot for dinner. Eat the spicy squid or the confit of butternut squash. Eat everything. You're not the one who has to walk around in a bikini.

D.U.B Pies

Across the street from Miss Hagan-America's favorite Connecticut Muffin, D.U.B. makes superior coffee and has savory New Zealand meat and vegetable pies. If meat pies sound weird to you, get over it. They're delicious. Also, D.U.B has a nice policy where you can, in absentia, buy a friend coffee or a pie, so when your friend goes in, their food is already paid for. This is such a good thing to do for someone. Do it. Your friend will love you and we all need love.

Juicebox Wine and Spirits

This store has an amazingly knowledgable staff and a comprehensive collection of, you guessed it, wine and spirits. They also host tastings and music events, so you can have fun even if you don't drink. Although, really, everything is better if you do. Drink. Do it.

Greenwood Cemetery

Since Henry Stewart recommended Greenwood Cemetery as the perfect first-date spot, I figured that I would be remiss in not mentioning it here. A super old cemetery is not everyone's definition of a hot spot, but again it is still better than a dry cleaner.

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