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In Brooklyn, Where Do People Complain the Most About Dogs?

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Dogs are one of those archetypal Brooklyn accessories, like a stroller or a laptop. But the pet-dog population in the entire city is only 600,000, so in a borough with more than 2.5 million residents, that means a lot of households without a dog—the kind who might complain to 311 about poop left unscooped, or a Yorkie who won't stop yipping. The people at Gothamist have compiled 311 data by zip code—complaints about dog shit and dog noise—and mapped it. So, in Brooklyn, who's complaining the most about dogs?

Heres my dog pooping in Bay Ridge. Yes, I picked it up.
  • Here's my dog pooping in Bay Ridge. Yes, I picked it up.
Bay Ridge!
Hey, it's my neighborhood! 11209 registered 365 noise complaints and 116 shit complaints, the third highest total in the whole city after parts of Glendale/Ridgewood in Queens and a big chunk of west-central Staten Island. How to account for this? Part of it might be the large number of seniors, who have more time to do things call 311? Maybe it's the high number of Middle Easterners, in whose cultures it can be common not to like dogs? Maybe it's all the parkland, which means more people walking around, and more dogs walking around shitting? Also, Bay Ridge has one of the larger dog populations in Brooklyn, which maybe makes complaints proportionally more likely? But actually, Williamsburg/Greenpoint has the most dogs of any neighborhood in Brooklyn, and its dog complaints are only average, even though any time I've walked a dog over there, there was lots of dog shit everywhere, and the dogs I was watching barked their heads off!

This is a dog in Marine Park.
  • This is a dog in Marine Park.
Marine Park/Mill Basin/Bergen Beach
It beats me, you guys. With 383 total complaints, 11234 has the second-highest number in Brooklyn, but they have a relatively low dog population out there. The dogs must be really bad out there. Or the owners, I mean. The owners must be really bad. [photo]

Dogs in Bushwick walking home from the bar.
  • Dogs in Bushwick walking home from the bar.
11221 lodged 366 complaints, putting it in third place. This is also where the most rat complaints come from. Either there are some animal control problems out here, or the people are just likely to call 311—or a little of both?! The dog population here is very low, as it tends to be through most of Central and East Brooklyn. [photo]

Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights
Coming in a close fourth with 360 total complaints is 11221's bordering zip 11216, even though the pet-dog population here is still low. Is the problem strays? Or does Bed-Stuy just not pick up after its pets? Tsk, tsk, Bed-Stuy. [photo]

Oh, these are the people who call 311.
  • Oh, these are the people who call 311.
Park Slope
Finally! I bet you've been clicking through this list waiting for 11215. Here it is! In fifth! With 348 total complaints. Park Slope has a large dog population, but its residents all have special biodegradable plastic baggies attached to their leashes, so I just can't figure this one out. It's destined to remain an unsolved mystery. [photo]

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