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How-To: Make An OKCupid Profile That Will Actually Get You Laid (Or Love)

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But Not Too Specific

I was reading recently about that new online dating tome Data, A Love Story, and it turns out that being a little vague in your profile is often for the best. Which, in spite of the instinct to let people know exactly how cultured we are, actually makes sense. Haven't you ever noticed that if you really have chemistry with someone, it stops mattering even a little how they would rank the Pavement discography, or whatever your fussy "thing" is? So why bother ruling people out over something that may be arbitrary, or risk them ruling you out before you have the chance to pass judgement of your own?

The point is, you never know, because dating is nothing if not throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks. Within reason. Like, if someone goes out of their way to mention how much they're into Fun., never sleep with them. Under any circumstances. But otherwise, keep an open mind, and maybe don't get too vehement in your own profile.

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