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7 Reasons Why New York Is Not So Miserable After All

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Whats not to love?
  • What's not to love?

Public Transportation

So, ok. This is kind of a weak starting point, maybe, because lately it seems like we hear about a different terrible accident on the subway every day. And, of course, the latest MTA fare increase is about to go into effect. But it's really not all that bad, you guys. We still have the most comprehensive public transportation system in the country and it's by far the most convenient way to get around this city. Other than maybe by bicycle, which is also a transportation method that is getting easier and easier to use. This is all a good thing. As I mentioned before, it's stupid for our longer than average commutes to be thought of as a terrible thing. You can read on the subway. Or you can just stare at your fellow New Yorkers, like I do. It's strangely meditative to watch someone clip their fingernails on the F train. Just be careful not to let an errant shard get into your eye. But these kinds of interactions let us know that we're living in civilization, not some insular bubble like all those people in the suburbs. This is humanity, warts and all.

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