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7 Reasons Why New York Is Not So Miserable After All

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Beautiful! I miss the snow already.
  • Beautiful! I miss the snow already.

Winter Came

I know it's still February, but it already feels like spring is in the air, right? And probably you think this is a good thing, because probably you like warm weather and green stuff on trees and iced coffee. All of that is totally legitimate, but I'd like to point out that we just got through a whole winter and it really wasn't so bad at all. In fact, it was kind of great, wasn't it? It was cold, sure, but then you got to have the fun of warming up once you were inside. And we had that one great snowstorm. Wasn't that not so bad at all? It didn't screw up the subways and it was on the weekend, so you could enjoy it without having to worry about your commute, and if you went to Prospect Park or Ft Greene Park you got to see all the families out sledding and having fun and it was like a scene from a Breughel painting and it was all just great. Winter came and I really, really liked it.

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