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7 Reasons Why New York Is Not So Miserable After All

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So pretty. So smelly.
  • So pretty. So smelly.

Spring Is Coming

But maybe you didn't like winter? Maybe you really, really don't like the cold or the wind or hot toddies? Well, no problem! It's really not so bad at all. Spring is coming. And for many people, spring in New York is a magical thing. For one thing, it's baseball season. Which (and some people I work with will disagree with me but I don't care) is even better than hockey season. Although—luckily—the seasons overlap, and so this really makes spring not so bad after all. Plus all those ginkgo trees start flowering and they're so pretty and their blossoms smell just like semen and it makes walking down the street so wonderfully awkward and that's spring in New York, you guys.

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