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Silent Barn: Brooklyn's Latest Collective

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Glenn Gentzke- Screw Chef

-How long have you been living in Brooklyn?
I LIVE IN QUEENS! But I rent at the Sweatshop a LOT.

-What brought you here?
Music, bands (not always the same), smaller bars, better people.  

-What do you find to be unique about the artistic community in Brooklyn?
It reminds me of the Load of Fun and Copycat collectives of Baltimore but with less traditional punk influence. Oxymoronically, there's much less apprehension about painting on the walls and it's obvious who's done the painting.  

-What are some of your inspirations—both in your art/career and just in your everyday life?  
I respect everyone who is out front with their music passions and am inspired by shows and collaborations that ignore genre in favor of emotional commonground. 

-Do you see yourself staying in Brooklyn?
I see myself continuing to visit, build, revisit, and rebuild as long as it is feasible. Might end up moving here...

-What's a perfect Brooklyn day for you?
Good weather for riding motorcycles and skateboards. Riding to bk then parking the bike and skating to mccarren park. meatball shop and the charleston.  then over to bushwick by way of any street with some hills.  coffee on the way to silent barn.  build a loft.  drink red wine.

-What are the challenges inherent to being an artist in Brooklyn?
Getting there from queens.  Pick a random challenge from the hat: N, Q, M, G, 7.

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