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Silent Barn: Brooklyn's Latest Collective

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Alison Sirico- Kitchen Meeting Leader/ Volunteer Chef/ Outreach

How long have you been living in Brooklyn?
Five years. I took 6 months off though to work on a land art piece outside Santa Fe.

What brought you here?
The opportunity of outdoor space, reduced rent, and really good pirogis

What do you find to be unique about the artistic community inBrooklyn?
 Its resourcefulness and resilience, and pure appreciation of physical space.  Brooklyn is very expensive but artists still find unique opportunities to install and showcase work. I've been to many shows in basements, old churches, and warehouses. I find this exciting. That against all odds - art will still happen. The geographical set up and pure magnitude of people also affects the community. There are so many artists on top of each other and so much culture happening all the time. We are over-saturated, constantly communicating ideas, and naturally collaborating.  
What are some of your inspirations—both in your art/career and just in your everyday life?
I'm inspired by my friends. Some of them include Mackswell Sherman and Sara Jones  who are the fashion designers in the duo Ruffeo Hearts Little Snotty. They make beautiful, eccentric, and ethical 'made in new york' clothing. Kunal and Syed who started the DIY video game collective Babycastles. All my roommates at the House specifically Victoria and Stefan who had a heavy hand in the Occupy Wall Street Movement and who are currently trying to set up free education at Cooper Union. I love all the music that comes out of this house called le Wallet: Ashcan Orchestra, PC Worship, The Dreebs. I honestly feel like I could go on forever. I also had some great teachers and mentors - specifically the painter Maureen Gallace and land artist Charles Ross.  

Do you see yourself staying in Brooklyn?
If it doesn't price me out.

What's a perfect Brooklyn day for you?
Backyard taco BBQ orchestrated by Hawkatori's G. Lucas Crane and Pam Finch. Probably after a long day at the beach.

What are the challenges inherent to being an artist in Brooklyn?

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