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The Dos and Don'ts of Modern Communication

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Do Not Ever Leave Voicemails, Unless You Are Somebody's Mom

When talking to other people about communication pet peeves, nothing shuts a conversation down like the subject of voicemail. Everyone hates voicemail. Mike Conklin put it succinctly, saying, "Voicemails are idiotic." And that's really, almost always true! Even if you have an iPhone and can see your voicemails laid out before you, like so many digital turds, and pick and choose what you listen to, it still sucks. I don't want to have to listen to things! That's as bad as when someone sends you a link to a video that's longer than a minute. Who has more than a minute to spare on one thing? Nobody. So, please, whatever you do, don't leave voicemails.

Do Follow Up With a Text

Ok. I don't mean follow up a voicemail with a text. I mean that if you call someone and they don't pick up, hang up and then send a text. This is insurance in case they were on the subway or something when you called and won't see your number pop up. But, really, you might want to consider just texting to begin with. It's really the best form of phone communication at this point, if I'm being honest. Which, I'm nothing if not honest.

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