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The Top 5 Bike Day Trips in Brooklyn

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This is probably not what Prospect Park will look like the day you go riding.
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  • This is probably not what Prospect Park will look like the day you go riding.

Cobble Hill to Coney Island

Start off the ride right with something healthy at 61 Local (61 Bergen St). Instead of coffee, what about genmaicha tea? You might never want coffee again! Well, you probably will, but you will also quickly become a genmaicha addict, as some of us who shall remain nameless have. While you're there, grab a breakfast-y bite like a granola cup or a "yeti" Danish. And then set off on your trip! While this trip does involve a rather punishing struggle up 3rd St (curse that glaciar once again) it also features a trip through Prospect Park, which will take you right past the Prospect Park Lake and all of its watery glory. I'm serious, actually, flying down Prospect Park Drive (at a safe speed, please) and curving around so that it looks for one second like you could go flying right into the lake is a beautiful thing. Then, of course, you leave the natural beauty of the park but get to ride through the Victorian mansion district of Ditmas Park and take in some man-made marvels. Stop off at Olympic Pita (1419 Coney Island Ave) for a little falafel or schwarma pick-me-up before shooting down to Coney Island. Once there, chain your bike up and walk down the boardwalk, go on some rides and, I don't know, shoot the freak? You'll figure it out, I'm sure.

This ride is approximately 11 miles. Difficulty level: 3/5, in other words, your mom will be impressed that you pulled this ride off, but be careful not to sound too braggy about it to people who aren't impressed with literally every single thing you do.

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