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5 Awesome Old-School Brooklyn Services You Never Knew You Needed

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Eli Miller
  • Dave Sanders c/o The New York Times
  • Eli Miller

Seltzer Delivery

The New York Times published a wonderful profile of Eli Miller, the "seltzer man," this weekend, which shed light on one of those unusual professions that you forget even exist anymore. In the age of the SodaStream and, you know, fully stocked delis on every corner, it might seem a little archaic to have someone deliver seltzer to your home. But, so what? The product is excellent and wouldn't it be nice to know that you're helping to perpetuate a business that is odd and unusual and unique, at this point, to Brooklyn? Yes! It would be nice. Plus, you don't really want store bought seltzer do you? According to Miller, no one should "have to drink that dreck you buy in the supermarket." Dreck! Don't drink dreck, you guys. Don't do it.

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