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In Memoriam: 10 Much Mourned Brooklyn Institutions

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The Market Hotel, now in the process of being resurrected. Miracles do happen.
  • The Market Hotel, now in the process of being resurrected. Miracles do happen.

Nothing lasts forever, right? Especially in New York. It seems like beloved bars, restaurants, and music venues are always closing, gone forever except where they reside in the cobwebbed corners of our brains. Does all that sound terribly nostalgic and, well, just terrible? Sure it does! Because nostalgia is terrible. Nostalgia is death. But what's wrong with death? Everything, really. Everything is wrong with death. It's just so final. But so anyway, instead of mourning some of the more recently departed Brooklyn institutions (RIP Zebulon...ahhhh), I thought I might go even further back into the past and memorialize places and things and even people that most of us weren't even alive to enjoy. I mean, I'm about to get really nostalgic here. But that's ok. Sometimes it's ok to miss things. Sometimes it's ok to have feelings. Those feelings might not lead to anything except pain, but at least that's something. As long as you feel pain and feel loss, you're still alive.

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